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Logic riddles to awaken your inner programmer

Rabbit, Go Right! is a fun puzzle game with a goal to lead the rabbit to the beloved carrots. You can achieve it by programming its path through the labyrinth of sky floating platforms. It’s simple and engaging at the same time, and most of all it helps you stimulate your programming creativity.

Rabbit, Go Right!

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Best to use
elementary school, home

For who?

For teachers

who want to diversify their classes

For students

to play and study

For Parents

who want to support their children’s education

For everyone

who likes to solve riddles


How to simplify repetitive tasks? Loop is a fundamental tool being used by a programmer. Comprehend it to better organise your code.


If X and Y, then Z… Learn how to write a program that will execute in certain conditions.


Discover the endless potential of variables and enter the whole new level of programming skills

Rabbit, Go Right!

Train programming creativity

100% free to use

no in-app payments

60+ riddles to solve

and train your proramming creativity

Learn & play

Educational goal with game-alike design



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