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Coding school recommendation

Are you looking for a school in your local area? You want to ensure that your child is introduced with the world of coding in a proper way? Look no further. We guarantee that schools taking part in our affiliate program are facing the highest standards when it comes to childs’ education. To keep the level our developers frequently carry out training sessions with affiliate’s team. This way we ensure that these schools are fully exploiting the potential of PixBlocks.

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London’s Geeky Kids resides in 3 different locations: Wimbledon, Twickenham and Epsom. They are a nice bunch of people with a passion for kids and programming. Lessons are not too long and groups are not overpopulated just to maintain a very good teacher-to-student ratio. With a variety of courses you can choose from Geeky Kids are no. 1 choice in town.

PixBlocks in education


Why PixBlocks is best for schools?

Since its start in early 2019 PixBlocks grew to be one of the most frequently used learning softwares in Polish schools and there are good reasons for it. PixBlocks was developed having on mind both teacher and student alike users. Our teacher’s panel with its complex functions is probably one of its kind. With it teacher can easilly assign one of over 2,000 programming task that PixBlocks is packed with. Constant grow of number of satisfied users proves that we were right to do so.

Microsoft AEP

In 2019 we were approved as an Authorized Education Partner by Microsoft.

European Union

To carry out our educational purposes in 2018 we were granted under a European Regional Development Fund

Ministry of digital affairs

In 2019 PixBlocks was awarded by Polish minister of digital affairs as a most innovative educational project.

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