Free and comprehensive course in Python text –  based 

programming language – join the best!

Python is one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world, which is characterized by its dynamics, code readability and how easy it is to learn it. Thus it is widely used in websites, applications or programs that we use every day – including YouTube, Google as well as  NASA and Nokia.

If you are passionate about programming, want to learn how to create games, need to prepare for the end of school IT exams or if you are just starting your adventure with text-based programming – the Python Module is a perfect choice for you!

Our tool is adapted to every level of IT advancement. The Python module supports creativity through the possibility of creating you own games.



The Python Module is a creative, clear and understandable way to learn text-based programming – check us in practice!

The ability to create your own interactive games

Comprehensive course in Python text-based programming language

Developing talent and logical thinking skills

Several hundred tasks that are automatically checked

The ability to create animations and graphics

Hundreds of examples explaining different concepts

How to start?